Dollar to Taka is a trusted currency exchange website in Bangladesh. It’s developed primarily for Bangladeshi freelancers. Our Bangladesh is not very advanced in online transactions. Young people in our country have to face many obstacles if they want to earn money online. Our goal is to help freelancers and reduce unemployment in Bangladesh.

Since large marketplaces do not support Bangladeshi money, they are more comfortable using it to convert currency. A great multiplication of cost-effective money.

Dollar Buy Sells BD is not Financial Institution, Payment Service Provider (PSP), Online Bank, or Licensed Currency Exchange (Currency Notes). We only provide a medium between individual users and legal entities to convert E-Money from One Payment Processor to other or we offer service between two end users. We help Freelancers, Online Shoppers, Individual users, and Web Developers. However, the Dollar Buy Sells BD online payment gateway has been playing a significant role in money transactions on the internet so far.

We provide dollar Buy Sell and Exchange services in Bangladesh. We have been in this business for the last 3 years, and we have gained a wide reputation. Here you can change your money in a moment. We are the first people in Bangladesh who are working with all types of crypt currencies. You can use buy sell or Exchange Your Virtual Currency USD such as PayPal, Perfect Money, Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, Payoneer, WebMoney, and Bank/ Mobile banking BDT.

For Freelancers, here is an innovative arrangement of money. From here you can exchange money from Bangladeshi taka in dollars or USD to BDT. In the age of modern e-commerce, Dollar Buy Sells BD has begun to focus on the ease and simplicity of money transactions on the Internet. Especially in recent times, foreign exchange transactions are on the rise. This is the safest, quick, and most cost-effective way of dealing with other global acquisition sites.

Dollar trading is not allowed in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Bank said, “Foreign currency can be bought or sold through dealers or money transfers approved by Bangladesh Bank. These are the many people in our country who earn very little in a month. Banks do not allow small amounts and require high fees (If one wants to withdraw 100 USD the cost is almost 8-10 USD, and he or she will get only 90 USD equivalent taka) and banks do not allow small amounts and high Fees are required. We only help them (freelancers, online shoppers, standalone users, web developers, small businesses, captcha workers, and data entry workers) to get instant cash.

We do not offer investments/advice including cryptocurrencies, forex trading / any illegal services, etc., so do not contact us about them. We only buy and sell digital resources. Our sister concern company can contact Dollar Buy Sell another exchanger provider.

There is no limit to receiving or transferring money to the personal account. However, if the user accepts the money or receives a dollar, If the website or blog is linked to your referral link, then the commission will receive a service exchange.

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